11. Eugenie Littlewhite mostly told the truth

Eugenie Littlewhite mostly told the truth once you filtered out the damned lies. For the jury that smidge of earnestness was enough to acquit her. At least, that’s what Eugenie Littlewhite told herself during her 15-year stay at Folsom Prison, a correction facility she of course never set foot into.



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9 thoughts on “11. Eugenie Littlewhite mostly told the truth

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    Kinda like it! Yeah! Kinda like it! Quite strange, but for some silly reason I kinda like it…

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Love this double talk – and it made great sense too 🙂

  3. I really like this. So intriguing… wish there was an entire book to go with it!

  4. Great idea to expand; and stands up well by itself.

  5. wfsantini says:

    This is my favorite so far. Glad to be going through the archives.

  6. karan rathod says:

    I didnt get the story, can anyone explain??

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