12. An infernal storm raged inside Kevin’s head

An infernal storm raged inside Kevin’s head. In the morning the ache had remained contained to his temples, but gradually the numbing pulsations had spread to his eyes and to the broken wisdom tooth he hadn’t had fixed two years ago.

Eight hours in front of the computer were a daunting task on normal work days, let alone with the weight of an upcoming flu pressing on his eyelids. Kevin could hardly keep them open, as a gesture from his cynical colleague across the desk made abundantly clear.

Adding insult to injury was an uncomfortably growling stomach, possibly the result of that tuna pizza Kevin should not have eaten last night.

His ills could of course all be the result of the gruelling schedule he had kept for this first month of the year. Watching a movie a day – his new year’s resolution – turned out not to be that difficult a thing to do. But combined with the partying, the boozing and the late, late nights? It had to catch up on Kevin one time or another. He had just hoped it wouldn’t be this soon.

As his finger hovered over the cell phone speed dial, he eventually decided not to cancel squash tonight after all. Indeed: last time Kevin had played while sick, he had beaten his friends unexpectedly… and soundly. Perhaps tonight would spell the same scenario.

That thought alone was enough to ease the pain for a moment, as Kevin put together the last sentence he’d ever write before the brain tumour finally caught up with him.



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5 thoughts on “12. An infernal storm raged inside Kevin’s head

  1. Pallav says:

    Ah, the last sentence is the kicker 😀 amazing!

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    When we rush through life – we might finally catch it sooner than expected

  3. dtdeedge says:

    I had to read it twice for the twist to work into my brain — not a criticism of the writing, but more of my own reading. I do so like this concept of 300 stories. hopefully it develops into 600, or 6000.

    Could you work in some foreshadowing of the ending a little earlier? I know it’s a challenge with 300 words, but some of the other possible causes of the pain pulled me away from the ending early, and I wasn’t set up properly. Maybe I am hoping for more suspense building to a climax? In 300 words, true, it’s difficult.

    Keep it up.

  4. jannatwrites says:

    Nice surprise at the end. I didn’t expect the brain tumor.

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