17. Vernon walks the wall vertically

Vernon walks the wall vertically.

It wasn’t the answer he’d expected. For weeks now the gang had exhausted their minds about how to take the final hurdle in the heist they had planned, and now this new girl comes along – someone Pete vouched for but about whom he had quite some reservations – and she proposes they ignore the laws of gravity? Was he supposed to take this seriously?

Let me explain, she went on, before embarking on some kind of physics lecture that to his ears was more science-fiction than science-fact. It involved Newtonian loopholes, Einsteinian paradoxes and algebra that boggled the mind. He soon found himself tuning out of her exposé and turning his attention to the girl herself.

Her flawless green eyes lit up every time she wrote down a diagram on the blackboard. And her breath intensified as her explanation gathered speed, causing her perky breasts to heave rhythmically in her silk top. Legs were top-notch as well: smooth skin and not a knobby knee in sight. As he ogled her top-down his eyes paused for a minute to appreciate her perfectly formed ass, wrapped in a skin-tight black skirt. Once every few seconds she turned her head to her audience, her chestnut-brown shoulder-height hair briefly flicking across her swan-like neck.

And that, she said – abruptly awakening him from his daydream – is how we’ll do it.

He crossed his right leg over his left one and replied: what makes you think your silver tongue has convinced me?

If my tongue can’t convince you, what can, she coyly answered.

Damn, how he desired to fuck her brains out.



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4 thoughts on “17. Vernon walks the wall vertically

  1. Anna says:

    With the UK government planning to stop all computer users from accessing pornography, unless they opt out, I might just have to pay this page a few more visits 😉

    But seriously, gotta love some epic flash fiction. You, my dear, are fantastic.

  2. LindaGHill says:

    Great writing. I love it. 🙂

  3. Chatty Owl says:

    You are good.
    Perfect ending lines: “If my tongue can’t convince you, what can, she coyly answered.

    Damn, how he desired to fuck her brains out.”

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