23. These are your plug-in legs

These are your plug-in legs. They should be a perfect fit after the alterations we have made.

She screwed the legs on. They fitted snugly under her upper torso.

Not too tight, the saleswoman asked.

She shook her head. The legs were everything she had hoped for. Long, slim, smooth. Nothing like the pair of flabby stumps she owned before. She looked at her behind in the mirror. Her ass was so perky the saleswoman had to stop her from grabbing it herself, adding: not yet, miss. Give it 24 hours. You don’t want to ruin the cheeks before the gel has dried.

But she wasn’t prepared to wait a minute longer. As soon as she left the surgeon’s cabinet she walked into the nearest bar. She could feel how the eyes of the men on their stools flicked towards her as she passed them. These were not the type of legs you saw regularly anymore.

As she perched on a vacant stool it didn’t take long for a guy to buy her a drink. In fact there wasn’t a guy in the bar who didn’t buy her one, it seemed. And as they moved their stools closer to hers they all copped a feel of her new ass or let their fingers run subtly along her shins. She was elated. This was exactly what she had hoped for.

The guy she eventually wound up next to the following morning did however not get what he had hoped for as the gel that perked up her ass was now oozing onto the bed-sheets. As she lit up her second cigarette her reply was deadpan.

You can’t have it all, love.



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2 thoughts on “23. These are your plug-in legs

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    What a dumb cow.

  2. gailthornton says:

    This is brilliant! The imagery and anticipation line by line is on-the-edge-of-your-seat fiction. Uhh forgive the pun. hehe

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