24. The lump was benign

The lump was benign. The doctor was not. As she put her long surgical fingers around his swollen neck she made sure the tumour would not return.



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3 thoughts on “24. The lump was benign

  1. zeesl says:

    Interesting…but I’m not sure I get this. Wordplay? So the cancer was not malignant, but the doctor is not ‘benign’…as in, ‘she was unkind’?

    If I didn’t read your tags and got a hint from Chatty Owl’s comment, I wouldn’t have guessed what this was about. Ok, so I’m still not sure what this is about…haha.

    (P.S: English is still sort of my second language…sorry if that was a stupid question!)

  2. Mark Miller says:

    oh I get it… The doctor is strangling someone with a benign tumor….

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