26. See you tomorrow

See you tomorrow, she told her colleagues as she exited the office before adding: that is if I don’t get eaten by a flesh-eating bacteria whilst jogging in the park. Classic Sondra. She always had a zinger up her sleeve before she went home. Her remarks never failed to put a smile on her colleagues’ faces and neither did this one.

They weren’t smiling the next day when they heard that Sondra had the previous evening indeed been eaten by a particularly ferocious flesh-eating bacteria whilst jogging in the park.

What are the odds, one colleague muttered in disbelief. About 293.5 million to one another colleague, a statistician, replied.

It was comforting to know that amid the madness of the day at least the math still made sense.



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4 thoughts on “26. See you tomorrow

  1. pandaplatter says:

    haha brilliant…statistician 🙂

  2. shaelum says:

    The sum of all fears 😉

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