33. I butted in on his date

I butted in on his date, there he had a point. But with a girl this gorgeous, wouldn’t you? Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous figure, gorgeous tits, gorgeous all the way. Besides, she was flirting with me, not the other way around, so there’s a loophole right there.

My friend had been talking her up for over an hour anyway, between pints on a sun-drenched evening. Since she lived up to the potential he had hinted at I saw no point in playing coy. When I see something I like – or someone, wouldn’t want to objectify a woman – I go for it, that simple.

Perhaps I underestimated his desire for sex that night, cause his fist arrived fast and hard when I asked her if she’d rather accompany me than him to the pizzeria round the corner. Perhaps he should have awaited her reply though, since her original  intent was to not come back on a previous promise. Once a witness of my friend’s violent ways of settling a quarrel, she however changed her mind and went for a pizza with me.

The pizza turned out mediocre, as did the sex. I guess there’s a moral in there, I told my mate the next time we had a pint on a sun-drenched evening.



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One thought on “33. I butted in on his date

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd says:

    Yeah – what the hell – loved it but thought you might’ve seen my “soul”…

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