35. Bring us to Beethoven and Chuck Berry

Bring us to Beethoven and Chuck Berry.

Those were the first words the aliens uttered when they landed in the middle of Tien An Men Square. The dignitaries explained that both Beethoven and Chuck Berry had been long dead, but they were sure today’s music would also please the visitors. So they rounded up Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, who performed an endearing medley of their classic, poppy songs.

Earth was doomed.



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4 thoughts on “35. Bring us to Beethoven and Chuck Berry

  1. And rightfully so! Very nice.

  2. mightwar says:

    This one made me chuckle. The aliens must have been peeved at such a reception after all those longs hours of travel. I love the idea – and can so see it being done as a comedy sketch.

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