39. Tracking your every move since childhood

Tracking your every move since childhood, the sign proudly displayed, below a giant CG eye that hammered home the message.

Hideki was still honoured that it was him who had come up with the slogan. So much less intimidating than ‘we are watching you’ and more trustworthy than ‘peek-a-boo’, the suggestions of his main rivals. The sign showed up in almost every inch of free space in the metropolis: a sea of eyes from which escape was impossible.

Especially cunning, the adman found, was that the CG eye actually operated as camera. A beautiful symbiosis of message and function that had not gone unnoticed at the most recent Yamamatsu Awards for Excellence in Advertising.

As he ventured home, the digital peepers followed Hideki closely: taking the subway, leaping the crack in the road at 23rd Street and grabbing a quick nacho burger at the food stand two blocks from his place.

The cameras also observed seven homicides, eighteen rapes and some petty thefts. But the subscription viewers were hardly interested in that. They directed their eyes towards Hideki as he picked up a transsexual and had his way with her in his curtain-free apartment.



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8 thoughts on “39. Tracking your every move since childhood

  1. Reality meets fiction 🙂 nice, nice!
    I like the last paragraph,he sounds like one just doing life, as in jail term what choice is there? I wonder about the irony though…a big brother universe and the creator in a curtain free apartment…priceless! Very tight humor.

  2. thoreyo says:

    What a fun first impression! I’m definitely going to have a look around, read some more. Good job.

  3. marsicowritesite says:

    This is like 1984 gone interesting! If this was a full novel, I’d read it. 300 words leave me wanting more. Great work 🙂

  4. […] 39. Tracking your every move since childhood. […]

  5. Frances D says:

    I found it totally believable!

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