44. Can I tell you in images?

“Can I tell you in images?”

She nodded.

“Ilsa Lund’s face as Victor Lazlo plays La Marseillaise.

Lester Burnham in a pool of his own blood, smiling.

George Bailey embraced by his family on Christmas Day.

Farmer Hogget whispering ‘That’ll do, pig’ as a ray of sunlight bursts through the clouds and shines on the unlikeliest of soul-mates.

Cody Jarret on top of the world.

That is how I feel about you.”

The movies would always be his mistress. But here, now, he was hers and would be forever.



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2 thoughts on “44. Can I tell you in images?

  1. jkjones2185 says:

    I think this is a really good short piece, but it loses some of the impact with references to movies that I’ve not seen. The ones that I recognized worked very well as an emotional shorthand for the guy’s feelings, but the ones that I didn’t left no impression. Probably a shortcoming on my part for not having seen all the movies in the piece.

  2. Isn’t it interesting what can be turned into a story? I love it. Many thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to come by again.

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