51. Floppy shoes, a squirting flower and an assortment of red noses

Floppy shoes, a squirting flower and an assortment of red noses: his bedroom closet contained everything you’d expect from a clown, down to the traditional orange wig.

As usual August had trouble picking the right ensemble. He was a perfectionist and wanted to give the kid he had lined up for today’s gig to have the ultimate clown experience. Whether you wore a common red bow-tie or a novelty spinning one could make all the difference.



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17 thoughts on “51. Floppy shoes, a squirting flower and an assortment of red noses

  1. Iona Nerissa says:

    And people wonder why clowns creep me out! This is very well put together.. love the innocence in the beginning and then the lightning flashes at the end.

  2. Clowns seem to creep everyone out. Why do they still exist, then!

  3. pandaplatter says:

    haha brilliant..psychopath clown!

  4. pandaplatter says:

    check out Alice Blue Review a lit/poetry e-zine (free) some brilliant short-stories I think you will appreciate!

  5. b00kreader says:

    Never in a million years could I have guessed that ending! I loved the twist, I’m thinking cream pie to the face your thinking bloody murder.
    PS why was the clown named August?

  6. Selena says:

    How brilliantly wicked! Loved it…

  7. Oh that was perfect! :))

  8. John says:

    ….and yet another reason to hate clowns! (good story, though … )

  9. littlemissw says:

    Excellent. I really didn’t see the twist coming.

  10. Quickstepp says:

    Yes! Love this one!

  11. Donna Cowden says:

    Good story…bad clown.

  12. lifeofimpact says:

    Hahaha love it. I have the same semi-twisty ironic humor. Going through these one by one and ‘liking’ all of them. Thank you for your likes to a few of my pieces; they’ve led me here for a constant dose of laughter and good ‘huh!’ and ‘oh!’ realizations 🙂 Inspired!

  13. […] two stories, for inclusion in a compendium of the best stories I’ve written. Do you prefer the adventures of drone 682? Or are you partial to the dedicated clown and his floppy shoes? Let me know in the poll […]

  14. Excellent, creepy story! For me, it was the name that really sold it. 🙂

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