52. The spandex hero was in hot pursuit

The spandex hero was in hot pursuit of Notorio, who had just robbed the city’s biggest bank and was now fleeing across the rooftops.

The Masked Maestro, as a zealous newspaper editor had dubbed him, had been playing cat and mouse with Notorio for the best part of three years now. He’d always been able to thwart his arch-enemy’s nefarious plans but never was able to put him behind bars. That was about to change.



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10 thoughts on “52. The spandex hero was in hot pursuit

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd says:

    How the heck can you keep putting out so vastly different wonderful stories?!!

  2. Dusty says:

    Very much enjoying your stories. 🙂

  3. b00kreader says:

    This was so tragic, and beautifully written. Well done!

  4. Quickstepp says:

    I love the word nefarious!

  5. Ryan Dillion says:

    This is really good, it was a bit cheesy at first. However, I found it quite amusing towards the end, anyways good luck on your mission

  6. X says:

    Love your blog! Love this post…nice mix of genres.

  7. […] two stories feature heroes and villains. Which of these tales would you like to see included in the print edition of my 101 […]

  8. brushywild says:

    Great ending

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