53. Rain swooped down on the festival like a biblical plague

Rain swooped down on the festival like a biblical plague. The sudden violent shower scattered the audience across the soggy terrain, looking for shelter under trees, tents and each other’s raincoats. Lightning haphazardly lit up their shivering faces. With each booming burst of thunder their heart skipped another beat, as they embraced their friends and kept a suspicious eye on the rapidly rising water on the meadow.

At the main stage the heavy metal band continued their set.

Here’s one from our first album, the lead singer growled.

It’s called Apocalypse.



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9 thoughts on “53. Rain swooped down on the festival like a biblical plague

  1. This happened to me a few weeks ago… (at a rock concert, not HM). It was kind of fun actually. After a while, people gave up on trying to keep anything dry and the band rocked on.

  2. Dig it. You’re very good with words. Descriptive.

  3. hakariconstant says:

    Cool! I love reading your stories everyday! I do hope you will continue blogging after story 300!

  4. Becks says:

    You have a gift for opening lines!

    • The great Billy Wilder once said you have to grab your audience by the throat and never let them go. So hooking you with my opening line is definitely part of my writing tactics 😉

  5. syl65 says:

    I am enjoying your stories. Always looking forward to the next one.

  6. sandradan1 says:

    This made me smile. Great. SD

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