54. Atop the ruins of the giant art deco building

Atop the ruins of the giant art deco building stood a lonely tree amid the weeds. No-one noticed it, no-one admired it, no-one was struck by its beauty. It just stood there. Small, slender and overlooked.



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5 thoughts on “54. Atop the ruins of the giant art deco building

  1. Mercilo Daviss says:

    Excellent use of the rule of three in this story.

  2. A great idea, well constructed. If I were you I might think about expanding this into a story which shows how Man always ends up destroying Nature. (Just s thought).
    Keep up the good work! Cheers.

  3. Enthralling, intriguing, provocative – what’s the word? I want to see this piece in English textbooks – there would be so many different interpretations. Mine would hinge on the phrase “by the grace of that lonely tree” I’m sure, but my mind is still churning. I didn’t miss the reflection in the verbs (noticed, admired, struck by), and of course the opening and closing – captivating, lyrical writing. I like your style.

  4. b00kreader says:

    I loved this! The repeat of the opening line at the close was very well done.

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