55. Monogamy is a myth

“Monogamy is a myth,” the groom said. His six brides nodded in unison, though only five meant it.

Shirley might have just married ‘Many Wives Marc’, she didn’t believe in his views. To her mind each woman should only have sex with one man at a time and vice versa. She was a hopeless romantic in that regard.

Obviously that wasn’t going to happen on wedding night. Marc would first have his way with Andrea, then Camille, Julie, Nathalie, Sarah and finally herself. An alphabetical orgy. Each bride, when the groom was banging another of his wives, would in turn fuck one of their own lovers. Each bride but Shirley.

So by the time Marc had made his way to her bedroom and put on his sixth rubber of the evening she asked him the question that had been pinballing though her mind for what seemed like ages.

“Can we be exclusive?”

He answered yes.

After all, he’d just fulfilled his lifelong dream to fuck six brides in one night and he was pretty sure he’d catch a VD if this polygamous arrangement persisted.

Whoever said romance is dead?



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11 thoughts on “55. Monogamy is a myth

  1. julzwrites says:

    This is really good 🙂 Will you be publishing your short stories? Like in a collection maybe? Because i definitely think you should

  2. MaXX says:

    Just read some of your stories, very inspirational and diverse. It’s not as easy as it seems to create a whole story with such few words. You are really talented and creative! Keep up the good work!

  3. littlemissw says:

    I’m not sure about this one. I think that the concept is excellent but the ending let me down a little. It didn’t seem to gel for me that he’d just married 6 women and then said he’d be exclusive with one.

    That said, it was so well written. My favourite line is, “…put on his sixth rubber of the evening…”

  4. Thank it gave me a good laugh

  5. Gotta say, I like your writing but the ending in this falls a bit flat for me. I get that you’re going for humour but I guess as someone who’s poly and has a lot of poly friends this comes across as a little offensive. People who are serious about polyamory are very careful with their sexual health – they have to be – but I do see that this character probably isn’t very serious about it. On the other hand, that makes your characters very empty, as the guy is clearly just a massive jerk. No need to go into that, but it also speaks volumes for poor Shirley, who obviously cares a great deal about this guy to go through so much misery, waiting for him to screw five other women because she just loves him that much. I think it’s almost a necessity of farce that, underneath the hysteria, there’s just a whole lot of misery.

    Sorry, I went on a bit of a ramble there. But it says something when someone writes a crit/response that’s almost as long as your original piece 😀

  6. evgeniyadudina says:

    I like the opening line here. It reminds me a little of magical realism where you can state the most absurd things in a very calm, matter of the fact manner

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