Chris over at ‘The Story Reading Ape’ asked me to be a guest author on his blog. You can check out the piece (and an exclusive preview of a future flash fiction story) by using following link:

Chris over at ‘…

3 thoughts on “Chris over at ‘…

  1. hakariconstant says:

    I read it, as I read all your stories, looking forward to a new one every day. I liked it. George reminded me a little of me… just kidding. well, at least the being a silver-back… I am only almost 27, yet my hair in recent months has been prematurely and quickly been loosing pigment, turning white. Every week It’s noticably whiter. …Also I do kind of shamelessly self-promote myself in how I talk about my own writing at times lol Cool finding out a little about your background too, by the way. Eventually I am going to go back and read all the stories you wrote on here before I subscribed!

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