67. Math is fun

Math is fun, the teacher said.

Virginia didn’t believe him. Those strange numbers and odd signs. She’d distrusted them when her parents prepped her for her first school day. And she distrusted them now, all white and chalky on the blackboard.

So she decided to skip math. Forever.



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13 thoughts on “67. Math is fun

  1. numb3r5s says:

    Math has produced many a great thing, but it also has brought suffering to an early age for many a student.

  2. I chuckled, and I *never* chuckle. Well done, sir.

  3. rosellezubey says:

    I like the ending where math caught up with Virginia. That made this story really funny. I wonder what she was thinking when she was counting sheep. Great story.

  4. As someone who loves maths, but can also appreciate the difficulties it can present to many, I think that this is a great little story. Well written!

  5. Danny James says:

    I hated math. I found out in college I could take 2 years of a foreign language instead. so….it was 2 years of German with Herr Blumenthal. Today I can proudly say “being me the newspaper” in German. Not that it ever comes up mind you.


  6. I was always bad at maths. English, history etc all went well but maths drove me to distraction!

  7. ladyharvey says:

    Given my hatred of math I had to read this! I too have been in math avoidance for many years. Isn’t it funny how it just tries to sneak up on you? I particularly enjoyed the humorous ending.

  8. berriesandspice says:

    cute 🙂

  9. vivekrathi says:

    This is a well executed story, I like it! 🙂

  10. You got me going until…..good twist

  11. rilzy says:

    Very clever. I laughed out loud at the end.

  12. Oh this was good haha!

  13. girlwiththehankie says:

    Wahhahaha. Great ending.

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