81. The girl declared dead half an hour ago

The girl declared dead half an hour ago forced open her morgue cell and took a deep breath. She suffered from a rare condition that periodically shut down all bodily functions, creating the illusion of death. There were a couple of close shaves before but this one was the closest by far.

She wasn’t out of the woods yet though. As she threw the cold white blanket from her body her intuition made her duck a whooshing sound. The scythe missed her by a whisker. Scrambling to her feet she caught Death, intent on finishing the job.



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26 thoughts on “81. The girl declared dead half an hour ago

  1. Do you ever revisit your characters? I’d love a sequel to this one in a few weeks. 🙂

    • I will be revisiting one of my characters in a few weeks time, as a matter of fact. Somewhere around my 100th post probably. It won’t be this character though. This is a story that is one of my own favourites so far, so writing a sequel to it doesn’t really entice me. It would dilute the power of the story (and of the mystique of the characters), I fear.

  2. If you have not published; then you need to.
    This is phenomenal writing!

  3. Danny James says:

    “Death’s bony feet”. I like that.


  4. Fantastic, my favourite so far!

  5. jitko3 says:

    😀 A favorite of mine, too. 81 is a perfect number for a perfect story.

  6. theinnerzone says:

    Love the way, Death is transfixed 🙂

  7. syl65 says:

    A reaper in love. Awesome!

  8. Love this! Reminded me of that movie, “Meet Joe Black”. But of course, this is way cooler 🙂

  9. b00kreader says:

    What is it about dark haired green eyed beauties? The woman I had rise from the dead had the same description. 🙂 http://b00kreader.wordpress.com/2013/05/26/lightening-from-a-clear-sky/

  10. rosellezubey says:

    I know that I keep saying this about your stories, but for me to say this is a high compliment–Your stories remind me of the best of the Twilight Zone. I am a huge fan of that old show so keep up the great work.

  11. Tommy Walker says:

    I wanted to find the LOL button for your Gravatar tagline. Always good meeting a soul brother. Gorilla story reminds me of someone I know.

  12. trees7861 says:

    Thank you for liking one of my short stories on Death Scenes. Would love it if you comment on some of them.

  13. storyzetu says:

    hahahaaaaaaa! Oops! Now what?!

  14. […] 81. The girl declared dead half an hour ago. […]

  15. hudaehsan says:

    that is amazing i mean wow!

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