101. Higher

Higher, Isaac shrieked.

So Abe threw his son higher. A dozen feet into the air. The boy stretched his neck to look beyond the farmhouse rooftop but he couldn’t quite see the dusty road that lay beyond. It was paramount that he could.

On their next attempt Isaac barely reached ten feet. They had been trying for too long. Abe was getting tired.

Maybe he should finally tell his son what this ‘game’ was all about. But he couldn’t break the boy’s heart. He just wiped the sweat from his tiny forehead.

Does it hurt, Isaac asked, pointing at the gangrene.

I’m fine, Abe lied.

They tried one final time. This time Isaac could just peek over the rooftop.

There’s a man with a white beard, he said. Who is that?

Someone I made a promise to, Abe replied. He comes to collect. And I’m afraid I cannot stop Him.



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4 thoughts on “101. Higher

  1. Late Summer says:

    Beautiful story, as always. I’d wondered if it would end like that when I noticed the character names. Always look forward to your stories when I wake up in the mornings.

  2. yakinamac says:

    Another brilliant story. Can’t believe you’re now past the 100-mark and still managing to come out with these day after day.

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