120. I think up words for a living

I think up words for a living. That witty wordplay that grabbed you on the car radio? That was me. That fancy new term your boss uses to fire folk? Me again. In my career I’ve conceived thousands of those. Not all of them struck a chord but a fair amount did. And each time I hear one in everyday conversation, I’m still proud.

Today I thought up another one. My best for a very long time.



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8 thoughts on “120. I think up words for a living

  1. helena mallett says:

    Beautiful …

  2. im sitting here with my mouth open…lol thanks :-O

  3. aprilmilam says:

    I’ve been on the other end of this conversation. It’s heart wrenching. You’ve captured it well.

  4. botchedgirl says:

    Beautiful!!! This is definitely a favorite of mine. TT_TT

  5. ajungleofwords says:

    This hit close to home, love how simply you put it.

  6. 2unpublishedgirls says:

    Tweeted via @authorrbaustin.

  7. DCTdesigns says:

    Kismet. This story found its way to my eyes on a morning I was pondering a susurrus soul and the nature of my hallow heart. I had this very conversation with my grandfather days before he passed. He was awaiting my Grandmother who had dies a year before from Alzheimer’s. Absolutely stunning piece.

  8. aglassfrog says:

    You’ve managed to write a piece that’s visceral without being sentimental, and that’s no easy task. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

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