154. Between the braids of hair nestled sand

Between the braids of hair nestled sand. Dirty grainy sand, accumulated from spending most of her adult life homeless on beautiful white beaches in the Caribbean. The daily plunges in the Atlantic were insufficient to get rid of it, the grains through the years attaching itself to her skull like a smitten girl clings to her suitor. They weren’t going anywhere. By now it was hard to see where the hair ended and the sand started.



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8 thoughts on “154. Between the braids of hair nestled sand

  1. This is amazing, I love the details and the way you start to fall in love with this young girl, who slowly turns older with the sand. It’s amazing 🙂

  2. W. K. Tucker says:

    I loved your story!
    I love the beach…the ocean. This story struck a cord within me…the longing to be forever roaming the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps someday the particles of sand will find me as I wander the coastline in search of interesting shells. I think I would gladly be a willing host.

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  4. W. K. Tucker says:

    Reblogged this on W. K. Tucker and commented:
    I love this guy’s stories. Here is one of my favorites.

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