158. The needle finds the right groove immediately

The needle finds the right groove immediately as the LP produces a sprightly Beach Boys track. The song isn’t enough to erase the images of fiery cities and mushroom clouds from Neil’s mind, but momentarily it eases the pain.



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3 thoughts on “158. The needle finds the right groove immediately

  1. b00kreader says:

    Perfect line to end on!

  2. People Empowerment Project says:

    I’m not sure how old Neil was before surviving such an event, but we can be sure that Neil has aged dramatically since. In other words, Neil isn’t Young any more When we remember those who have actually endured a microcosm of what you have described here, we should consider how we can best act on behalf of those who suffer from PTSD as a result of being Wounded Warriors, wherever they live.

  3. W. K. Tucker says:

    Yes, it would be nice.
    The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was astronaut–until I found out how long it would take. So, I decided to be a writer and dream of such things.

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