163. Their entire world

Their entire world had gathered around the black corpse now, as a 19th Century physician cut open its chest and debated its anatomy with half a dozen colleagues.

They were perplexed that – bar the colour of his skin – the man on the table was physiologically identical to them. He was not, as they had thought after murdering him upon first sighting, a demon. But where had he come from? And why?

The mystery had them arguing the most magical of explanations until a young man emerged from the shadows and pointed upwards, to the luminous hole in the ceiling that had watched over them for all existence.

“What if it isn’t just a light source,” he said. “What if it’s a portal?”

Soon ladders were being built, ropes were being flung and adventurers found their courage.

And thus was ushered in the Age if Discovery for the inhabitants of the living history boxes on the shelves of the 12-year-old’s room.



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