171. Lollipop!


Little Aurore yelled the candy-coloured word at the top of her lungs as she stuck her head out of the back window of her parents’ car, smiling from the left ear to the right, with the fresh morning breeze playing across her frizzy hair.

Briefly her eyes locked with those of the roadside worker covered in thick yellow protective clothing despite the already soaring temperatures. He held up a green lollipop sign to wave the car through the narrow passage.

And, as had been the custom since the little girl had first set eyes on the metal lollipop two weeks ago in amazement on her way to school, the roadside worker handed the girl in passing a round sugar candy on a stick, as profusely red as the metal one in his other hand was green.

Lollipop, little Aurore yelled again, even more excited, as the car rounded the next corner and disappeared from sight, leaving the lollipop man beaming for the rest of his shift and already looking forward to tomorrow, when the same routine would make his day all over again.



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2 thoughts on “171. Lollipop!

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    Lovely! And that’s what makes the earth turn! 🙂

  2. vbholmes says:

    A real feel-good story.

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