175. The curious walkway curves

The curious walkway curves meandered like a steely determined stream, yet they led nowhere. There was no beginning. There was no end. Just an infinite loop of stairs, an Escher etching brought vividly to life.

Here corporate suits forgot their worries for a minute, as they imagined defying gravity on the smooth silver slopes.

Here young minds dreamt of futures brave and bold, undeterred by the lofty expectations their parents put on them.

Here the old felt new again, the wicked virtuous, the defeated invincible.

Yet all of them invariable said rather swift goodbyes to the tranquil bliss the walkway provided.

Without exception they returned to their hectic workloads and overstuffed leisure commitments.

They all withdrew into the safe fold of a linear world where you had to follow the straight line to go places.

They forgot the turtle could tame the tiger.



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