179. One dead body, two dozen suspects

One dead body, two dozen suspects and nearly all of them had a seemingly solid alibi. That was the daunting task facing detective Wanda Dinklage on a typically gloomy Friday afternoon in Anchorage, Alaska.

The victim was Gerald Ottenburgh, renowned for showing up at restaurants, ordering the pricy five course menu, eating it and then leaving before the bill hit the table. He was the most hated person in the local restaurateur business and therefore it was no big surprise to find him in a pool of his own blood, a meat cleaver adorning his chest.

Detective Dinklage had questioned every restaurant owner in the greater Anchorage area. Raymond Blancneige, the explosive Michelin-starred chef at Pure, but also fish-and-chips honcho Simon Codd and Zhara Wong, the Asian fusion cook who had taken Alaska by storm. But the detective was most suspicious about Calvin Pront, who had a known temper and had only last week been the victim of an Ottenburgh visit.

“Here,” the chef said, ignoring detective Dinklage’s questions on her visit to the restaurant and shoving a plate her way. “Tell me what you think.”

Detective Dinklage had a bite. It tasted divine. Better than anything she’d ever eaten, actually.

“Amazing”, was all she could utter, before taking another spoonful. “What is it?”

At the morgue, the coroner picked up the phone to tell detective Dinklage that Gerald Ottenburgh’s body no longer contained a liver.



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12 thoughts on “179. One dead body, two dozen suspects

  1. leannaatc says:

    Oh, that’s wonderfully, ironically, creepy! Reminds me of Lamb to Slaughter…

  2. M.Gate says:

    Aaaand those two spoonfuls are back in the plate 😀

  3. absolutely brilliant! I especially loved this line, “the Asian fusion cook who had taken Alaska by storm.”

  4. D. says:

    *chuckling, almost snickering* You are wicked one. I like that. Got to the end of the piece and it took a moment to sink in. Once it had, was reminded of a joking doctor. “You can live fine with one kidney”, she told me upon my waking. I was in hospital for nothing relating to kidneys. Her joke took a bit to sink in as well. There had been a few cases of ice packed bath tubs with guys missing kidneys in our area. Good wit in your writing. Thanks for that. 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    That was highly enjoyable. I especially liked your whimsical last names (Dinklage brings to mind Peter, the actor, “Whitesnow” who works at Pure, Codd who works with fish…).

  6. azylia123 says:

    Haha! That was so unexpected and creepy and fantastic! Didn’t see it coming.

  7. W. K. Tucker says:

    As always, a very entertaining read. So much story packed into a minimum of words. Well played….

  8. pandaplatter says:

    you had to…
    sick but brilliantly put

  9. The plot is just darstardly good….yikes

  10. Zainab says:

    absolutely gr8! loved it! suspension!!! :*

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