181. Tomorrow there’ll be millions

Tomorrow, there’ll be millions. They’ll flood the square and crowd the streets. The noise will be deafening. And you’ll be right at the heart of it. You’ll be the person they’ll want to see.

So prepare yourself.



Read the rest of the tale and 100 more stories in 300 words or less in YOU’RE GETTING SLEEPY, THE HYPNOTIST’S APPRENTICE YAWNED.

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5 thoughts on “181. Tomorrow there’ll be millions

  1. Wow…didn’t expect that last line.

  2. danuscript says:

    This is a great piece. The ending was a surprise, and it really shows that sometimes you can be the center of attention for all of the wrong reasons.

  3. You have a real gift – thanks for sharing

  4. philsblog01 says:

    Your persistence with these stories is inspiring! The buildup and conclusion for this piece is masterful!

  5. leebaileyseiler says:

    Thanks for twisting me today. A superb opener too.

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