182. Romcom for one

“Romcom for one. Would you agree that’s an oxymoron?”

The lone girl two seats over grabs a mouthful of popcorn and pretends not to hear the question. So he scoots over to the seat next to her.

“I’m pretty sure you just called me sad,” she sneers.

“Not sad. Puzzling.”

“In what way?”

“That a girl as cute as you should not have a boyfriend to watch a romantic movie with.”

She laughs out loud.

“Wow. How often have you used thàt line?”

“Well, do you?”


“Have a boyfriend.”


“You’re that difficult to live with, ey?”


“You sure about that?”

“Look, are you hitting on me or just looking for someone to insult?”

“Bit of both, I guess.”

She rolls her eyes.

“But mostly hitting on you,” he tries to save the situation.

“You’re not very good at it.”

“I know. Until two minutes ago it was ‘romcom for one’ as well, remember?”

“It still is, technically.”


“Hurt your feelings?”

“A bit.”


She has boxed him into a corner.

“So why don’t you?”


“Have a girlfriend.”

“I’m difficult to live with.”

“I could see that.”

“Ouch again.”


“You can make it up to me.”


“Grab a movie together someday?”

She smiles. For the first time.

“Got a specific one in mind?”

“I hear that new romcom is quite good.”

“It would be sad to go watch that on your own, I suppose.”


He’s pretty cute too, she thinks.

“Want some popcorn?”



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4 thoughts on “182. Romcom for one

  1. Very sweet. And any pick up line is a good line no matter how dorky if it works. I could believe this conversation took place.

  2. Very cute. Very similar to how my fiancé first tried to pick me up. Quite adorable!

  3. hehe Cute. Pretty realistic. For me anyway. 😉

  4. Too cool for schools lol proves that even in the dark magic happens 😉

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