187. Look, his first teeth

“Look, his first teeth!”

Anton’s father leaned over the edge of the crib to take a closer look.

“Are they supposed to develop this soon?” he wondered.

“And two at once to boot…”

“Pointy too,” his wife said. “Cute, right?”

Deadly too.

It was Transylvania after all.



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9 thoughts on “187. Look, his first teeth

  1. elainecanham says:

    I love your stories, Dieter. and writing one in 42 words is fairly impressive ;Can they get any shorter?

  2. D. James Fortescue says:

    Very nice. Reader’s mind can easily fill in the rest =)

  3. Just a few words can get the imagination going – nice!

  4. echoesofthepen says:

    Superb, as always!

  5. William says:

    Been following and reading the archive for the last few weeks. I especially like how open-ended this one is. If the dad’s a vampire, is the mom a vampire too? If not, does she know what her husband is? Or maybe she’s the vampire, and he’s the hapless mortal fallen in love with her?

  6. I totally love this – short, creepy, and we totally get the point. Plus it makes you think about the endless stories that could come from this short one…. Well done!

  7. maryam says:

    i love this

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