195. Coming up to fourteen minutes past the hour

Coming up to fourteen minutes past the hour and you’re listening to KWCR Talk Radio. All talk, all night, with me, Connor O’Donaghue. Tonight’s topic: multiple personalities. What are the downsides? And are there any upsides? Just give us a call on 555-NIGHT-TALK. On line one, we have Audrey. Hi, Audrey, what’s your story?



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8 thoughts on “195. Coming up to fourteen minutes past the hour

  1. I love this. As I do most of your stories. With this one, though, I feel you’ve ventured into an M.C. Escher piece–which is not a bad thing, at all.

  2. simonsylvester says:

    Very, very good.

  3. Could not see it coming! Good.

  4. Wonder if this radio program is “broadcast” from a padded room…

  5. Did anyone else read it in their best public radio broadcaster voice?

  6. we11y says:

    brilliant as usual!

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