201. The hypnotic whirl

The hypnotic whirl of the washing machine has her transfixed.

“Blue,” she yells, pointing to the spinning T-shirt inside, followed by “Red!”

She is as happy as 3-year-old gets.

But tomorrow the novelty will have worn off.

She’ll notice the TV has gone.

And her favourite toys.

And her blankie.

A single mother can be creative sometimes.

But you cannot keep all the misery out.



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8 thoughts on “201. The hypnotic whirl

  1. William says:

    Thank you for this. Just wrapping up an overnight shift at a homeless shelter. Very fitting.

  2. Just a few words and the impact is right there – great post!

  3. ldesimone says:

    Wow. Great piece.

  4. Josee says:

    In less than 75 words, so much emotion. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Even her blankie?? Totally sad. 😦

  6. […] you appreciate the subtleties of single malt whiskies? Or are you rather hypnotised by the washing machine whirls? Let me know which story you like best and make sure it is included in the book containing the 101 […]

  7. Julia Lund says:

    My daughter was mesmerised by the washing machine as a young child; she used to stand in front of it and dance to the different cycles …

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