215. I saw her naked

“I saw her naked.”

Peter’s jaw dropped firmly to the floor as Alvin cheekily flicked a cherry bubblegum in his mouth.

The two best friends were walking home from playing hooky all day and Peter was surprised that only now, with just five minutes of their day left to discuss it, Alvin dropped the bombshell.

“You saw her boobs? How? When?”

Alvin smiled mysteriously.

“I didn’t just see her boobs.”

“You filthy liar.”

Those were the three words Alvin had been waiting for. He whipped some lace lingerie out of his trouser pocket. Peter fondled the fabric in disbelief and slung his arm around Alvin’s shoulder.

“You are now officially my hero, you know that, right?”

“I got lucky, that’s all. I was practicing my swing with my little brother in the backyard when I hit the ball right on the sweet spot. I mean, I have never, ever hit a ball that good. You should have seen it.”

“Alvin? Less baseball, more boobs.”

“Okey, so I hit the ball and it went over the fence, straight for her house. Straight for her open window.”

“And you climbed up there?”

Alvin nodded.


“I wasn’t in there for ten seconds or the door flung open and in she walked. Wet from the shower. Naked. Hot! I had to hide, but boy, I could see …”



“I’m gonna need descriptions. Detailed descriptions.”



“I’m not gonna tell you how she looks.”

“How long have we known each other? Eight years? That’s two thirds of our lives!”

“All I’m gonna say is that my baseball is still up there.”

Peter looked up. The window was open and he could just about hear the shower running.

“Hero,” Peter said, hugging his friend so hard he nearly crushed his ribs.



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7 thoughts on “215. I saw her naked

  1. Jo says:

    I giggled! Great story!

  2. Sarah Ann says:

    I hope this pair are friends for life. A lovely tale of friendship.

  3. I guess I’m getting to the party late. This is really fun. I will enjoy catching up!

  4. toconnell88 says:

    ‘Less baseball, more boobs.’ Loved it.

  5. A.D. Everard says:

    LOL. I guess boys will be boys. 😀

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