223. RUOK?


– SMH.

– Wot?

– ❤


– BF brk up w/ me 2day. E sez e did n cht on me, but e ad iz I on tht *b* Tanya lke 4eva.

– wnt me 2 cum O?

– n, I’m OK.

– RU sure?

– def.

– Rly sure?

– QQ.

– F it. I cum O.

– Ty. But CD9.

– B@TGIF in 10. BFF, 143.

– 1432


Keisha’s parents closed the chat room window. Their daughter had just stormed out of the house without saying a word and they were worried. So they did what every parent would do. They opened up her laptop.

“Are those drug codes?” mom asked.

“I wish I knew,“ dad replied.

He truly did. And he realised that invading your daughter’s privacy in the age of txtese was as futile as carrying coal to Newcastle – especially for those that still knew what that particular proverb used to mean.



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21 thoughts on “223. RUOK?

  1. Desiree B says:

    lol nice. I enjoyed the reaction of the parents. Too funny. 🙂

  2. geekoutsw says:

    I was able to keep up with the text talk for some time… But then it just got absurd 😛 Great post!

  3. I “Laughed Out Loud”, or LOL’d as the young people might assert.

  4. aliabbasali says:

    Excellent, although I had to cheat and use netlingo to look up some of the textspeak.

  5. toconnell88 says:

    So clever. Loved it. 143, man! 😀

  6. Talia Hardy says:

    My hands are dirty. Great originality.

  7. aewallace2013 says:

    I loved this! “was as futile as carrying coal to Newcastle – especially for those that still knew what that particular proverb used to mean”. Oh, you hit the nail on the head, sir. Or shall I say, “idk like. OMG 2 tru!

  8. syl65 says:

    Trying to imagine the parent’s faces as they read the texts, lol.

  9. Very good work here, Dieter. (A few weeks back, I wrote a flash told through tweets, and that was fun & challenging, so I feel like I can really appreciate where you’re coming from with this). I especially like the story-within-a-story aspect. I don’t text–yes, a rare dinosaur am I!–but I was able to follow most of the first “story,” and enjoyed how it led into the parents’ POV(s). Very authentic, to my mind.

  10. Text speak drives me crazy! Is it really that difficult to type “come over”? You nailed it.

  11. Quickstepp says:

    Good god, how will kids be communicating by the time I have some. Fun flash!

  12. Barefootcountessa says:

    Hahah. Boi, I is so lost proofreading the new age text. Is that even in the urban dictionary lol.

  13. Reading this makes me feel so old and im only 22!Lol 😀

  14. […] an invasion of Britain? Or a modern story about parents grappling with their daughter’s incoherent text-speak? Which of these do you want to see included in a compilation of my best flash fiction […]

  15. Veronica says:

    I have no idea what half of that means… But a current parents nightmare for sure. Thankfully mine type is a more word oriented fashion, for the most part anyway.

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