224. Despite all she’d been through, her shoes were still shining

Despite all she’d been through, her shoes were still shining. Shops had shuttered, society had crumbled and humanity was down to a handful. Yet her black-laced shoes did not have a speck on them.

She rested her tired feet on the bus seat in front of her. Around her, silence reigned. The only audible sound was that of her shoes gently tapping the metal to the beat of the emergency sirens in her head.



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61 thoughts on “224. Despite all she’d been through, her shoes were still shining

  1. This is great and what a punch at the end!

  2. hitwyla says:

    Thank you; now I want more!

  3. sweetyshinde says:

    Hello. Is this part of a series or independent stories?

  4. Ellen Morris Prewitt says:

    Glad to be reading your stories again. Hope your time away was a success.

  5. russtowne says:

    Great punch line!

  6. Danny James says:

    Wow. Heavy hitting ending!


  7. Desiree B says:

    Seven years old! That was a great ending, I really enjoyed this story. 🙂

  8. Kate Loveton says:

    What an ending – a big surprise.

  9. Mythoughts76 says:

    That was a great shorty! Gimme another one! : )

  10. Archita says:

    Amazing work. I do read your stories and they all are wonderful. 🙂

  11. Shoe Master says:

    Wow good story. Maybe a list of expensive shoes in http://www.worldrankingsystem.com may help out.

  12. City Girl at the Edge says:

    The last line, I did not see it coming!

  13. flareuphope says:

    Love it. Really like the part about how she spits on her shoes, says a lot. Nice work!

  14. Amazing Opportunities and Resources says:

    This is amazing! Great job!

  15. sveta30 says:

    Beautiful ending

  16. Kevibee says:

    walking dead inspired? Story aside, I love the design of your page.

  17. soumashree says:

    Hello, I am new here, unlike those shoes. This story is crisp in spite of the cloud that’s bound to descend on the reader after the last line. It’s a delight to any one reading it.

  18. Amlakyaran says:

    very nice post…

  19. Love this, a pair of shoes shining of pain and isolation. Well thats the image I got from this, such a powerful image.

    Love it!

  20. I’m a fan of flash fiction so I will be reading those 300 stories. Good target.

  21. vbholmes says:

    Definitely a surprise ending. Good story as well.

  22. Kiwi<3 says:

    This is simply amazing. Really did not expect the end. Everybody please look at my blog, simplykiwi.wordpress.com my writing is much like this one…. thx

  23. Great idea for blog! Hope you can check out my blog cicily17@wordpress.com. It takes fictional characters such as Jane Eyre, Mr. Darcy and David Copperfield into the modern world. Cheers, Annabelle

  24. I liked this story before it was cool ;-). Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  25. Amanda J Anderson says:

    Really good 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

  26. Massive ending! it hit me. welldone. check out my blog theperegrineblog.wordpress.com

  27. The Guat says:

    Dude what an awesome story. Loved your last line…totally caught me by surprise. Nice. Very nice.

  28. indianaiype says:

    Nice twist at the end there

  29. Rocco Brown says:

    This is a great post!

  30. ar1112013 says:

    I really like your blog please look at mine at http://marmadukesbook.wordpress.com/

  31. worzelodd says:

    Haunting, very well done. Thank You.

  32. annabelmcquade says:

    This piece is very short, but that’s no bad thing. It’s nice and succinct, and I loved the final nightmarish twist.

  33. Brilliant work and I look forward to reading your other stories. What inspired you to come up with this idea?

  34. hudaehsan says:

    the way you started is totally awesome

  35. […] 224. Despite all she’d been through, her shoes were still shining. […]

  36. pascaalex says:

    Love the idea of 300 stories in a year. This is the first one I read from you. I am looking forward reading more 🙂

  37. W. K. Tucker says:

    Another excellent one. I love the ones delving into speculative fiction.

  38. What a beautiful concept. This was my first of your stories, profound. Quite enjoyed.

  39. Great ending! My first visit and not my last!

  40. ar1112013 says:

    Hi I love your stories please look at my blog at http://marmadukesbook.wordpress.com/

  41. missklj says:

    I love this. I’m trying to get to grips with flash fiction and this is one of the best I’ve read. Love it.

  42. Really amazing.
    Best part was to find that the person was a seven year old girl.

  43. murtighazi says:

    Amazing work… short and sweet

  44. mererose17 says:

    this was great!

  45. mererose17 says:

    this was great!

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