230. My brain is open

“My brain is open,” the man at the door said.

He was a queer-looking fellow, fifty years old, sixty perhaps, in a shabby brown overcoat, carrying nothing but a tatty suitcase. After ringing the doorbell once, without anyone answering, he had rung once more and after that – in sequential order – two times, three, five and eight, until Heinrich had begrudgingly opened the door in his pyjamas.

“My brain is open,” the man repeated.



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13 thoughts on “230. My brain is open

  1. That was really awesome. I love the weird math stuff 🙂

  2. minxmist says:

    Very cool. Thank you!

  3. nikkiharvey says:

    I read this and thought something seems familiar. A quick google and I realised I knew the name. Paul actually did turn up at people’s houses and say my brain is open! Brilliantly written 🙂

  4. Pankaj C. says:

    Very imaginative..

  5. I hope you haven’t a copyright on the phrase “my brain is open” as I may have to start saying that! Love the creativity of your writing. I would be interested in reading more about this character.

  6. ranaami81 says:

    huh this is really cool =D

  7. like your writing. just learned what flash fiction is.

  8. sbelleau86 says:

    Great story and I have to say I’m impressed with your dedication, determination and/or insanity for trying to write 300.

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