231. The revenge of the one-legged gunslinger

Today’s story is the third part of my one-legged gunslinger trilogy. This ‘threequel’ can be read as a self-contained story, but if you want to appreciate the entire story, why not check out the first part of the tale (story number 31) and its sequel (story number 131).

The revenge of the one-legged gunslinger would not contain a rolled R, as he had lost his tongue to a hungry buffalo. In Nothing Gorge, however, that tale was old news, as the entire town had gathered round Main Street to see the gunslinger finally take on the man who had cost him a leg, an arm and an ear: Scott Murray Jameson.

Contempt shot from the gunslinger’s one non-blind eye as he stood nose to nose with his nemesis.

“Ready to die?” Jameson snarled.



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3 thoughts on “231. The revenge of the one-legged gunslinger

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    But what of his remaining arm? I suppose you have to keep something for an emergency sequel. I’m pleased to have liked #31, #131, and now #231. I guess I’m a died-in-the-wool fan.

  2. As long as the gunslinger has 2 lungs and 2 kidneys, he’s winning! (Great addition to the one-legged gunslinger’s mythos.)

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