234. I might love her

“I might love her.”

He blurted it out, unprovoked, unexpectedly.

They had been talking about quantum computing, philosophy, football, politics. In short: everything two friends would talk about after not having seen each other for months. But on the fifth pint, they finally arrived at the subject of girls and the surprising confession.

His friend didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. His love life was not something he often talked about after all. Not because he didn’t have one. But because he didn’t like to arouse wild expectations about what would often be a fling and nothing more. Yet somehow, tonight, he felt compelled to tell his friend he could perhaps love the girl he was currently seeing.

He didn’t know why he chose to utter those four words. He didn’t even realise he felt that way before he expressed the sentiment. It had been a long time since he last told anyone he might be in love, as a matter of fact. A very long time.

His friend patted him on the back and for the next few minutes he told him how they met, that they were colleagues and that nobody in the office had an inkling they were seeing each other. He told him he didn’t really expect this affair to go beyond the one-year-itch that had proved fatal so often in his life. And he told him once more that – despite all that – he might love her.

He might.

He just might.

Or as his friend, the guy he’d known longer than any other person in his life bar his family, proudly, happily, more accurately put it:

“You do.”



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13 thoughts on “234. I might love her

  1. KokkieH says:

    I know your word count limits you here, but I think the story would be more effective if you actually have the main character tell the story, rather than just saying he told it. Something to consider if you ever want to extend this into a short story.

  2. Bruce Goodman says:

    I’d hit the like twice – nay, thrice – if I was allowed to.

  3. mike monaco says:

    I usually like the stories with geysers of blood more but this one really hits it.

  4. sandraconner says:

    Yep, your best friend can always tell you what’s really going on. Great story idea.

  5. jimmie g says:

    I was seriously waiting for a punch on the nose. Like she is a zombie, or a hit man hired to kill the friend. Very nice to have a kiss on the cheek this time. Well done again good sir.

  6. Not as powerful as many of your others. Suddenly thinking he might love someone after he’s downed 5 pints doesn’t suggest love to me. The friend’s response wasn’t believable either because of the drinking and because the guy had never talked about his gf before.

  7. russtowne says:

    I like it just the way it is. Best friends often know things about us before we know them ourselves. I like your stories with twists, and I like your stories without them. Ironically, have some without twists makes your overall story-telling less predictable.

  8. littlemissw says:

    I think this is lovely. It actually seems reminiscent of what guys in my home town would do…never share, never flinch, and then when the drinks are flowing the truth comes out.

  9. Topaz says:

    Oh, the ending. Very unlike your usual stories, but so beautiful.

  10. Amazing story.
    And even amazing is your story telling skills.
    You wrote this in so few words.

  11. Kate Loveton says:

    You continue to impress – very nice.

  12. reidaugust21 says:

    It’s probably not my place to say this, but I’ve read better from you. That being said, I loved it.

  13. Hawksword says:

    I absolutely love “unprovoked”. Excellent word choice!

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