236. The corruption of Alexandra

The corruption of Alexandra started at the age of six when her brother dared her to take candy from a baby. Soon she was spiking the home-made lemonade she sold to church pensioners on Sunday and kicking kids for no particular reason. She was dropping f-bombs on unsuspecting passers-by and nicking money from her little sister’s piggybank.

Had she been older than six, she would have been called a liar, a fraudster, a bully, a cunt. Now her parents just branded her a ‘difficult child’ and sent her into therapy.

“That’s the fun of being corrupted at my age,” Alexandra told her shrink on the living room sofa, while in the kitchen the family dog started licking the translucent liquid in its water tray.

“I could get away with murder.”



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8 thoughts on “236. The corruption of Alexandra

  1. W. K. Tucker says:

    Short and sweet and to the point. The story, not Alexandria. Loved it!

  2. Greg Lammers says:

    Fun story. Reminds me of a quote, I’ve lost the source but I think it may have been attributed to Hunter Thompson, goes something like: “If you’re innocent you can get away with anything.

  3. reidaugust21 says:

    The mention of the family dog. Am I reading too much into this?

  4. jimmie g says:

    Maybe she killed the dog. Maybe she didn’t. Love it.

  5. These are fun stories!!!!

  6. Whoa. :O Poor doggy

  7. Nice. you’re quite good at this

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