252. None of the above

‘None of the above’ proved a tremendously popular choice when the printer accidently added it as an option on the ballots.

The public had spoken. They’d had enough of democracy in its current form. No more elected Congressmen. No more endless filibustering on Capitol Hill. They’d govern themselves from now on.

It was a plan bound to fail, the ousted politicians warned. Society would crumble. The country would come to a standstill. Chaos would rule.

Yet somehow it worked. Within weeks, trains were running on time. Traffic jams ceased to exist. Money flowing to Capitol Hill and its countless lobby groups now was allocated to the poorest. Television programs got interesting again and smiles ware abundant in the nation’s work force as it headed off to the office.

In time society reorganised itself to accommodate the new status quo. People were so busy living the live they’d always wanted to live, they decided that one person should have the boring task of writing the federal paychecks and from time to time peeking through the doors of Fort Knox to see if the gold was still there.

And who was better to do this than the man unwittingly responsible for the biggest upheaval in the country’s history?

It was pretty straightforward to find the printer who had made the faulty ballots that started it all, but convincing him to step up to the plate proved not so easy. Negotiations finally ended with the signing of a new constitution, that consisted of one clear line:

‘Avery Jacobs, printer, will rule the country.’

He was in charge now.

His bold plan, as unfeasible as it had seemed, had worked.

He’d made his country wilfully select a dictator.

So as a dictator he would rule.



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10 thoughts on “252. None of the above

  1. Good twist at the end there. 🙂

  2. Topaz says:

    As always, the endings of your stories send chills up my spine!

  3. lorilschafer says:

    That was totally unexpected! Great concept.

  4. amamic1 says:

    Good twist you got there.

  5. William says:

    Damn. Someone’s been reading Plato.

  6. innatejames says:

    Love the idea your story suggests that some people’s answers to their country’s problems might have unexpected outcomes. Also love your confident voice. Nicely done!

  7. Lullaby says:

    A nineteenth century version of this would have ended with the scrivener declining, saying, “I’d prefer not to.” A pleasure to read.

  8. toeseen says:


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