256. Just blow the bloody fish to smithereens

“Just blow the bloody fish to smithereens.”

Farmer Jake’s suggestion was met with scattered applause from the citizens who had filled every chair in town hall. For weeks the decaying whale carcass on the beach had spread a pungent odour through the streets of the coastal resort and everyone was fed up with it.



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14 thoughts on “256. Just blow the bloody fish to smithereens

  1. I can see the headlines in the local paper now: ‘Farmer Crushed by Falling Whale Penis’. Good story.

    I think it should read “citizens who had filled” in the second line.

  2. nikkiharvey says:

    Hahahah brilliant!!! Thank you for making me laugh when I’m feeling not so brilliant 🙂

  3. Bruce Goodman says:

    A fuck, an humongous bang, and a whale penis all seem to belong to the same genre. A great read thanks!.

  4. The time machine one was my favorite story so far. But no longer, for today I have a new favorite… 😀

  5. hanafe says:

    Love the ending

  6. That ending is a better plot twist than most of M. Night Shymalan’s plot twists put together!

  7. You have a great ability for writing endings!

  8. A Blue Whale has a penis that is twelve feet long… when he gets to see a lady whale… with no clothes on.

  9. thewriteedge says:

    This makes me cringe and grin at the same time. Excellent!

  10. Ewww… 😉 I was going to ask just how long a whale’s willy was, but I see someone has got there before me. Great twist!

  11. toeseen says:

    ”But his triumphalism was short-lived as a giant, torn off whale penis fell out of the sky and crushed him like a bug”…lol, omg nice one

  12. Now there’s a closing line I won’t forget in a hurry…

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