260. Babi’s sugar intake

Babi’s sugar intake had taken on such preposterous proportions, her body was now for 97 percent indistinguishable from a jellybean, both in form and in genetic composition.

It had come so far that when she walked through the favelas, random kids would run up to her and give her a lick, as part of a naive yet somehow bizarrely sexual rite of passage.



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10 thoughts on “260. Babi’s sugar intake

  1. npiyer says:

    this is fantastic!!

  2. kellygrow says:

    Thought-provoking and sad…

  3. Lullaby says:

    Shade of Garcia-Marquez. Magical.

    • Wow, thanks for the compliment. I wasn’t thinking Garcia-Marquez at all when I wrote this, but now you mention it, I can see what you mean. Not that this piece is even close enough in quality to anything Garcia-Marquez wrote of course.

  4. syl65 says:

    Bittersweet tale.

  5. W. K. Tucker says:

    Wonderful story. Loved the metaphoric implications.

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  7. fatima.mudhesh says:

    Wonderful tale, I loved the metaphoric way of telling a story 🙂

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