261. Now the crocodile is in his coffin

Now the crocodile is in his coffin, his peers will gather for a eulogy of manufactured sorrow.

They’ll say he was a great man even if they know he wasn’t. They’ll proclaim him an enlightened leader though they’d rather have led themselves.

His widow will be showered with kind words of compassion but none of his peers will honestly miss him.

In all likelihood, they’re already plotting the next coup, a politicide on a new generation of hungry wolves.

In this trade, survival is the name of the game. By all means possible.

And they’re all sure they’ll live forever.

But in the end a crocodile is just a handbag in waiting.



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8 thoughts on “261. Now the crocodile is in his coffin

  1. “A crocodile is just a handbag in waiting” – best line I’ve heard all week! Awesome! 😀

  2. syl65 says:

    You just made Paul Hogan laugh, he hasn’t had a good laugh in years.

  3. Ain’t that the truth?

  4. Frances D says:

    You never disappoint. This reminds me of a long ago neighbor who never had a kind word to say about her uncle until he died.

  5. gertloveday says:

    Yes, this skewers the falsity with which we surround death and combines it with the dog-eat-dog world of politics and the way we all think we’re immortal. Very neat!

  6. landl30 says:

    I’ve been to a few funerals like that…

  7. Best 300 I have read yet! These are the funerals where there is nothing good to say about the person’s character or about where his spirit is now.

  8. […] 261. Now the crocodile is in his coffin. […]

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