289. Most of Machu Pichu

Most of Machu Pichu was now hidden from view by the fog, that had rolled in from the surrounding mountains. From it, the thin silhouette of Richard Graham emerged, impeccably clad in a white Italian suit.

“You can run from murder, mister Highsmith, but you cannot hide from it.”



Read the rest of the tale and 100 more stories in 300 words or less in YOU’RE GETTING SLEEPY, THE HYPNOTIST’S APPRENTICE YAWNED.

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4 thoughts on “289. Most of Machu Pichu

  1. William says:

    Nice! Did not see that coming. Love the dark humor. I could see a movie/short film from this.

  2. b00kreader says:

    Mistake number one…never consider a woman predictable. 😀 Loved the story.

  3. rilzy says:

    ‘The second incident’ 🙂 I love it.

  4. Haha, I liked this one’s unpredictability 🙂 But for the murderer sentence at the beginning, shouldn’t it be, “…but you cannot hide from one”?

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