299. You pestilent woman

You pestilent woman, Ben shouted.

His wife had just poured hot tea all over his writing hand.

I’m sorry, she grovelled, soothing the wound with a damp cloth.

You are a piece of work, Ben sneered. Why I keep you in the house is anyone’s guess. You do not love me. You make a horrid dinner. And were it not for the housekeeper I employ this room would look like a warzone.

He would have given her the flat of his hand, were it not for John and Thomas, who abhorred that kind of thing.

I do not like the first line, Ben continued their conversation, as he crossed out the word ‘citizens’.

Yes, that sounds much better, he said, as he handed the paper to his friends while glancing at his wife over the top of his glasses.

Not bad, Thomas concurred.

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’



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8 thoughts on “299. You pestilent woman

  1. Lol – excellent! Whatever are we going to do now that the 300 stories are nearing the end?

  2. Bruce Goodman says:

    I know you don’t answer comments, so congrats in advance on the 300th. Well done. I read the lot! You’ve achieved you goal. Have a happy life!

  3. b00kreader says:

    Part of me wants to say how terrible this is, but all the rest of me is laughing. Perfect timing on this one by the way 🙂

  4. A Mugwump says:

    So you are not American?

  5. The pressure of the 300th story must be immense but I imagine you’ve had it lined up for some time. Looking forward to it and as I was late to discover your work, I still have the other 200 or so stories to go through. Great work.

  6. araneus1 says:

    absolute magic!

  7. thewriteedge says:

    Brilliant! Loved it!

  8. 1 and skipped 299 more ill read bet on that reading is fun

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