Pick your favourite ‘300 stories’ tale!

Okay, first piece of good news: I will be continuing this blog with new flash fiction stories in 300 words (or less). Not quite at the same pace as before, but I’m aiming for one story a week. I’ll also set myself another challenge, but more on that later. (Hint: this will contain considerable more than 300 words).

Second piece of news: I’ll be publishing a collection of my favourite stories among the 300 (both print and e-book). 85 of these stories I have selected myself. The other 16 you, my loyal and most appreciated readers, can chose. Every day for the next two weeks I’ll publish a poll pitting two stories against each other. The winning stories will be included in the book.

Today’s poll is an epic stand-off between androids and dodos.

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16 thoughts on “Pick your favourite ‘300 stories’ tale!

  1. winterbayne says:

    You better keep posting! I may not get around to comment like I should but I do read your blog. 🙂 Androids win every time.

  2. I’m so glad you chose to continue! Your short stories are epic (heh heh) – and more often than not, the highlight of my day. 🙂

  3. lexborgia says:

    The Cowboy whose limbs keep falling off.

  4. thewriteedge says:

    So glad you’re going to keep writing and posting, and congratulations on your decision to publish!

  5. kellygrowscomics says:

    I like the android story better… both are good, though!

  6. tyrocharm says:

    It would be really helpful if you add links to the stories you have in the poll for easy reference.

    It is really great new that will continue as well as the publishing of your stories.

  7. Karen says:

    Thank you for continuing. Your blog is an inspiration. ⭐

  8. drinkteaa says:

    Im glad! I enjoy reading your stories a lot.

  9. momfawn says:

    Thank you for following me at Triggershorse, because it led me to your 300 stories. I will be following (and I voted for the Dodo). – Fawn

  10. clnapier says:

    My favorites that you have wrote with the time that I have been following are Cordelia’s eyes and The radiation will kill you. But the one that frustrated me enough to make a blog about feminism (which I try to keep my private opinions private) was You pestilent woman. It was just enough to strike a nerve and voice my opinion. Very nice work on all of your accomplishments and good luck with your new adventures.

  11. I only discovered your blog after you finished the challenge, but I loved the idea. I’m happy you decided to continue it. I’m reading the rest of the stories and will surely vote! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. W. K. Tucker says:

    Very pleased you’re letting your followers pick some of the stories to be included in your book. I think it make us all feel as if we’ve had a little input into your project. When it’s published, I will definitely purchase my very own copy. Not an ebook–which I usually buy–but a real, honest-to-goodness paper book. And after I read it, I’ll nestle it among my most treasured books. 🙂

  13. ShethP says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re going to publish your stories!! (I wish you’d publish all of them) 🙂 Although I admit I haven’t read every story of yours, I will get around to that. Good luck on the rest of your journey and happy blogging!

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