Pick your favourite story (6): time travel or space travel?

Would you rather sign on to travel into in time or to be a detective on the Moon? Fill in your preference in the poll. The story with the most number of votes is included in a compendium of the best tales from this project.

8 thoughts on “Pick your favourite story (6): time travel or space travel?

  1. winterbayne says:

    very tough but on this one tie travel 😉

  2. Tricky decision they’re both good. Time travel is always a tricky business so I’ve gone for the Moon detective as it’s more of an uncertain certainty if you know what I mean.

  3. Both are fine choices, but when it comes to time travel, I love the one you’ve written with the salesman going back 60″ at will. That was brilliant!

  4. ckdubb says:

    Today’s decision was the toughest for me yet but it seems like everyone else had an easy time of it. Go figure…

  5. njmckay says:

    I went for Moon Detective, as much as I love time travel, there are so many extra things to watch out for, such as paradoxes and other complexities.

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