Pick your favourite story (7): whisky or whirls?

Can you appreciate the subtleties of single malt whiskies? Or are you rather hypnotised by the washing machine whirls? Let me know which story you like best and make sure it is included in the book containing the 101 best tales of my 300 stories project.

3 thoughts on “Pick your favourite story (7): whisky or whirls?

  1. Ahem, please, please, please write about dogs’ ears flapping in the wind when sticking their heads outside car windows!

  2. ink2metal says:

    Wow, two really great perspectives on childhood innocence. This time it’s a hard choice for me. I just can’t get over how each one hit a different nerve and how visceral my reactions were which emphasized the difference even more so.

  3. Julia Lund says:

    Love them both but one had the edge. Must have been the intoxicating whiff of cauliflower that spun it for me …

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