Pick your favourite story (11): meringue or maze?

Would you rather eat a curiously flavoured meringue? Or would you like to get lost in a murderous maze? Take your pick and fill in the poll below. The winning story will be included in an anthology of my favourite flash fiction stories.

4 thoughts on “Pick your favourite story (11): meringue or maze?

  1. After you eat the curiously flavoured meringue you teleport to a murderous maze. What do you eat to get out? How do you find it? Are we already there?

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ooh, very nice. I think there should be a few that get through the maze and get to eat some delicious meringue.
    My preference, go to war! The murderous maze.

  3. It’s almost impossible to choose between two of my favorite stories! Please, please include them both!!!

  4. kellygrow says:

    These are both so good I could hardly choose….

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