The future, and what it holds

Many of you have been asking me what my creative plans are for the next year. Now I’ve had some time to mull it over, I can finally reveal some details about my writing goals for the rest of 2014 and 2015.

1. Writing a non-fiction book about the movies

First up is a non-fiction book about my greatest passion: the movies. It’s a proposition I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now and I think I’ve finally found an interesting subject and angle for the contents of this book.

Great movie years don’t come along all that often. 1939 is often cited as the greatest year for American movies of all, with lots of timeless Hollywood classics. 1974 is another year that seems to have yielded more masterpieces than other years. These ‘anni mirabiles’ appear to occur only once every few decades. So I count myself lucky to have been able to experience one in my lifetime.

1999, in my mind, is one of those amazing years for the movies, where it seemed that every time you walked into a movie theatre, you were treated to a great film. Not necessarily all masterpieces (though there are quite a few), but definitely films that push the boundaries of a genre, make exquisite use of traditional conventions, elevated young auteurs to the forefront or reminded us that established filmmakers still had the magic touch.

The tentative title of the book is: ‘American Beauty – a case for 1999 as the greatest movie year in our lifetime’. I’m currently doing research and drawing up a structure and hope to start writing the chapters by the end of the month. In the most optimistic timeline, the book could be ready by Christmas 2014, though don’t pin me on that date. Chapters that I’m working on might pop up occasionally on the blog.

2. Writing a science-fiction novel

Spurred on by your supportive comments I will also be expanding on the short form stories I’ve written so far, by writing a full-blown novel. As I’ve discovered that writing science-fiction is where my heart lies, it will be a sci-fi novel.

I’m still mulling over the possibilities of a plot that contains enough interesting elements to fill 200-odd pages with, but there are a couple of certainties already. The story will be dystopian, it will contain a social critique on current society and the novel will take us to distant planets. I might use some elements from the short stories I’ve published on the site as well.

As to the tone of the novel: I’m torn between writing a straight-up sci-fi tale, in the vein of the works of Philip K. Dick, and choosing a more tongue-in-cheek route, along the lines of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novels. Perhaps you could tell which approach you’d like best, based on the sci-fi stories I’ve written so far? In any case, I hope to have this novel ready sometime in 2015. Chapters that I’m working on might pop up occasionally on the blog.

3. Continuing to write flash fiction stories

Last but not least, I will – as I have promised before – updating this blog with new flash fiction stories of 300 words or less (at least one a week). Meanwhile, if you like my stories and think they deserve a wider audience, you could always tell your friends and family about the recently published book. Feel free to share this link on social media, on your blog or otherwise. I will happily do the same for you.

14 thoughts on “The future, and what it holds

  1. William says:

    Alright! Good luck with everything, especially with the scifi piece. Science fiction has always been tricky for me. I have plenty of ideas for settings and tech, but I can never figure out characters or plot.

  2. flygirl140 says:

    these are great goals! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading your finished pieces. I would request a more tongue-in-cheek science fiction novel because there just are not enough of them out there!

    I am hoping to start my first novel, noir crime fiction, and my first non-fiction novel this month! I would love to hear about your progress

  3. jennypughuk says:

    They’re great goals! I’d love to read your non-fiction book about the movies. I loved the film American Beauty. I was thinking about the characters as if they were real people days after I’d seen it in the cinema. It really stayed with me, whereas films don’t normally do that with me.

  4. Given the crazy amount of research I find necessary to write stories set in the ’80s, I can’t even imagine writing nonfiction, but I look forward to hearing your argument for 1999, I would probably say 1956 or 1977 :b

  5. priyanka2v9 says:

    All the best for your goals. Looking forward to reading more and more new stories

  6. Very best of luck with all your projects!

  7. 1pandabanana says:

    Good luck on your goals!!
    I have to ask, how does one write without a fear of criticism?

  8. W. K. Tucker says:

    Phillip K. Dick….definitely. I’ve read most of your stories, and have liked most of them. And I Tweeted and Google+ed your book. 😊 Best of luck with it.

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