The top ten films of 2014

The past year I saw a grand total of 151 movies in the cinema. 2014 proved to be a commendable movie year, with many films I will cherish for a lifetime. Unfortunately there is only room for ten spots in my year-end list, so I had to leave out some very good movies, like Philomena, American Hustle, Fruitvale Station, Nebraska, Godzilla, Joe, 22 Jump Street, Under the Skin, Boyhood, Locke, Calvary, What If, Deux Jours Une Nuit and Love is Strange. In a lesser year any of those could have cracked the top ten. This year, they have to be content with an honourable mention.

A special shout-out as well to two pictures that didn’t play in Belgian cinemas, but that I did thoroughly enjoy on dvd: the exceptional documentary Finding Vivian Maier (fingers crossed it receives an Oscar nomination in a few weeks time) and Robert Redford one-hander All is Lost. Had these movies been playing in cinemas in 2014 instead of being released straight to dvd, both would have definitely made my top ten.

Keeping that in mind, without further ado, the ten best pictures of the year were …

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2 thoughts on “The top ten films of 2014

  1. Carole Besharah says:

    Great list! I loved your Top 5 list in particular (though I missed Mr. Turner and cannot wait to see it now.) Short Term 12 was so good. Of course, no other film could take the top spot (tee hee).

    My favourite films of 2014 were: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman, and Her.

    (P.S. I hated Snowpiercer.)

    Thanks for sharing your videos! It was a fun ride.


  2. Thanks for this series and a list of top 10 I totally agree with. Only one I’ve seen is Snow Piercer but look forward to seeing all this year. Happy New Year to you too.

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